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Meadow grasshopper Chorthippus parallelus - female

British Wildlife Photography Awards 2017

I’m very pleased indeed to be able to say that I had an image receive a ‘Highly Commended’ in this year’s British Wildlife Photography Awards for the second time, in the Small World category.


Many years ago, in fact ever since I was a child, I would hate picnics or sunbathing because I would be waiting for that horrifying buzz near my head and I would leap up in fright and proceed to flap about waving at an enemy that had probably long since gone about it's business. It was unthinkable then, that one day I'd not only be immune to the terrifying sounds of my nemeses, but would happily seek them out the middle of hundreds of buzzing insects with a smile on my face, and even tempt hornets into the garden.

Fabulous Fly Agarics 

We're now in that time of the year when the long, hot and dry days start to fade and the autumn starts to take hold properly. A lot of people may find that a little depressing, and although I'll miss the warmth and the myriad of buzzy things...

BWPA Photo Awards 2015

Back in May I received an email from one of the organisers of the British Wildlife Photography awards letting me know that 2 of my images that I'd entered earlier in the year had been shortlisted in the first round of judging. Fantastic news and although I've had a few shortlists...

Loseley Park win! 

Anyone who has seen my photographs on Flickr and through social media will be aware of my love of the gardens at Loseley Park, near Godalming in Surrey. The beautifully designed and planted Walled Gardens....

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